Find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that have been asked by guests who have used fijitransfers.com

If the plane is late arriving will the driver wait for me?

Yes, as long as you have provided the correct flight details (airline name and flight number) the driver will wait till you come out of the customs area.

How easy is it to find the driver at the airport?

Once you have paid the booking fee to secure your transfer/s you will receive via email, detailed instructions explaining where the driver will be waiting for you.  It is very easy and we have not lost anyone yet.

Can I pay in full for the transfers before I arrive in Fiji?

No, when you meet with the driver at the airport, you pay the driver direct or at the office of Bati Transfers in FJD$ cash.  Fiji Transfers does not provide the transfer so there is no need to pay Fiji Transfers for the transfer. All monies paid for the transfers stay in Fiji with the local transfer businesses that provide the transfers.

Why do I have to pay a booking fee to secure the transfers?

Like any business, there is a cost to administer and operate properly.  The small booking fee you pay before your transfers are secured is used to pay for the running costs associated with Fiji Transfers.

How do I pay for the transfers?

You pay the Fijian transfer business direct.  The driver will ask you for payment before the transfer begins.

Fiji Transfers takes none of this money – it all goes to the Fijian business providing you the transfer.

Why use Fiji Transfers?

Fijitransfers.com was established to help the small to medium size local Fijian ground transfer businesses establish themselves in the big Fijian tourism industry. Local independent ground transfer businesses have come together and joined forces with fijitransfers.com to expose their businesses.  As you know, the Fijian tourism industry is a very big industry and the small to medium businesses need all the help they can get.  All monies that you spend with these local businesses in Fiji, stays in Fiji.

How does Fiji Transfers work?

Fiji Transfers does not provide the transfers, Fiji Transfers is an internet booking service that allows you to secure transfers in Fiji before you arrive in Fiji.

Fiji Transfers only secures the transfers you require and then connects you with independent drivers that are driving vehicles registered with the Fiji Land Transport Authority LTA to carry tourists.